Get to Know GMail

Q. Why are we moving to uAlberta Google Apps?

A. Access to leading-edge tools; eliminate 82 independent email systems; University-wide calendaring; improved security; simplification of campus IT; audit compliance; ....

Q. Why is this different than just using a account?
A. U of A has a contract with Google that enshrines security and privacy; Google cannot read your mail; no data mining; no advertising; preserves addresses.

Q. Isn't this just a re-branding of
A. No. Our data is in a protected segment of Google's hardware/software offering that is insulated from the fast-paced (and high-risk) changes to the online world.

Q. Does Google have any rights to my data?
A. No. From the contract point of view, the University of Alberta owns the data. In reality, the University is acting as the custodian for it.

Q. What is included with my account?
A. 25GB of storage; calendars; document editing tools; web pages; messaging, chat and video chat; group management; free phone calls in North America; ...

Q. I am using a Department email system. When do I move to uAlberta Google Apps?

Please be patient! IST has two teams working with Departments to ensure a smooth and positive migration. Given that there are 82 email systems on campus, it will take until well into 2012 before all Department users are moved.

Q. Is my data accessible to U.S. government agencies under the Patriot Act?
A. Yes. However, the move to Google results in no appreciable difference to what currently exists with our email.

Q. Is Gmail secure?
A. Email by its very nature is insecure. However, uAlberta Google Apps raises the bar for security above what it currently is on campus.